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If you have a copy of Marnie and Rena’s self-help book, EMPOWER YOUR ViBE, Igniting Your Passion, Purpose, and Brand to Unleash Your Unstoppable Best Self, you know they have included “Questions to ask yourself” at the end of each chapter, and using these same questions, they have also made available a free gift of a downloadable JOURNAL with lines to write on to help readers with their transformative journey. This JOURNAL is accessed via the link or QR Code on the last page of their book.

Well, NOW, the authors have made available another BONUS free gift! This time, it's a TABLE TALK Activity, using the same questions and also accessed via the same link or QR Code.

They invite you to engage in this activity with your children, family, friends, students, staff, colleagues, or peers to encourage THINKING, TALKING, and SHARING.

    HOW to do this activity?

  1. Print the TABLE TALK Activity file (one-sided only—not front to back).
  2. Cut up the questions into QUESTION CARDS. Each question includes the title of the chapter from which that question originated in the book, EMPOWER YOUR ViBE (to provide some context from the book).
  3. Shuffle the total pile of questions OR put the questions from each chapter together into separate piles OR select the questions you wish to use.
  4. Each participant, one at a time, selects a QUESTION CARD from the pile, or you, as the moderator, can select the card for each participant. (You may want to select the questions based on what you know about each individual OR you can select cards associated with each chapter to focus the conversations on specific topics as based on the chapters in the book.)
  5. Each participant READS the question aloud to the group, THINKS about how it RELATES to his/her specific knowledge and experiences, and then RESPONDS to the question while everyone listens.
  6. As the moderator, you may want to ask others to provide feedback, ask questions, and add their related thoughts, and you may want to add your thoughts too.


 AFTER engaging in this activity, discuss as a group:

  • What stands out as being important? What was reinforced for you? What is your biggest takeaway?
  • What goals can you set to become more unstoppable?
  • What support might you need to accomplish your goals (books, online resources, courses, family, friends, professional help, other?).
  • How can you celebrate your accomplishments and bring more happiness and joy into your lives?


WHEN to do this activity?

  • With your family or friends, after dinner in your home or in a restaurant.
  • As an activity at a party or social gathering.
  • If you are a teacher, teacher educator, or camp counsellor, with your colleagues and/or students or campers.
  • As an employer, manager, or leader, during a staff meeting, conference, or with a small group.
  • As members of a book club on Zoom or face-to-face, read the book or specific chapters, and do the Table Talk Activity.
  • Other?


My daughters and I, and others we know, have tried this activity in several different situations with children and adults, ages 10 to 90, and it works sooooo well!

Please let us know WHEN and HOW you use it. We would love to hear from you! You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here’s some REVIEWS:  

Highly recommend this TABLE TALK Activity! I participated in this activity at a friend's house after dinner and it was fun and quite enlightening. Each question was presented on a strip of paper, and it encouraged one person at a time to think about his/her own life and respond. It was fun to reflect on my question and then answer it in the group. I also really enjoyed hearing everyone else's responses, which also got me thinking about my life and experiences. Great activity! - Josh Rosenzweig


A wonderful activity! I was at a family dinner and just before dessert, we played this activity with everyone at the table, including my ten-year-old granddaughter. It was so interesting to hear everyone’s answers. I found it so enjoyable, and I learned a lot too. It’s a great way to get everyone to talk and share. I’m planning to try it with my students when I get the opportunity while supply teaching. I think it will be excellent as an introductory activity to spark thinking and discussion. - Diane Deutsch


Soooo if you have a copy of the transformative self-help book, EMPOWER YOUR ViBE, be sure to go to the last page of the book to download and print the TABLE TALK Activity, and if you don't have your copy yet, it is available on Amazon and other platforms. Check out the information at:

We are all so excited!!  My identical twin daughters, Marnie and Rena Schwartz, have launched their transformational nonfiction self-help book, called EMPOWER YOUR ViBE
The book is LIVE on Amazon and on many other platforms worldwide. 
Here's what is on the BACK COVER:

When high-energy identical twin sisters take their passion and purpose to the next level, the result is an undeniable vibe! Since 2002, Marnie and Rena Schwartz have positively influenced countless numbers of children and their families through their inclusive and non-competitive dance school, teaching invaluable life and leadership lessons as well as dance. Overcoming family and business challenges, and with vulnerability and open heartedness, these visionary entrepreneurs demonstrate how they turned their dreams into reality. Emphasizing celebrations and learning, they highlight effective strategies and challenge and enrich readers' views about personal, business, product, and author branding. At the end of each chapter, they ask thought-provoking questions to encourage goal setting and the re-evaluation of mindsets and actions. As a bonus gift, readers can download the EMPOWER YOUR ViBE JOURNAL to enhance their transformative journey. In everything they say and do, these inspiring leaders share how to move forward in life and business in a fulfilling way, illuminating the path to a brighter future. Get ready to EMPOWER YOUR ViBE.

 Here are some of the book's FEATURES:

  • A transformational self-help book to encourage readers to ignite their passion, purpose, and brand to unleash their unstoppable best selves.
  • Insights for readers about personal, business, product, and author BRANDING.
  • Motivation and inspiration to encourage positive change.
  • Effective coping strategies to better face and overcome obstacles in life and business.
  • Important messages about respect, inclusion, accessibility, leadership, confidence, perseverance, positivity, and optimism.
  • The importance of celebrations and lifelong learning.
  • Information about grief and mourning, including the difference between "moving on" versus "moving forward."
  • A focus on mental health and wellness and seeking support when necessary. 
  • A concrete apprenticeship model of leadership involving mentorship, role modeling, expectations, responsibility, and giving and receiving feedback.
  • The sharing of their researched Cartwheel mat--providing an example of how to invent and market a product.
  • The sharing of the authors' writing and publishing process with pros and cons about different types of publishing and advice for authors.
  • Thought-provoking "Questions to ask yourself" at the end of each chapter to encourage reflection, goal setting, and positive change.
  • A free bonus gift of a downloadable EMPOWER YOUR ViBE JOURNAL accessed by clicking on the link or scanning the QR Code in the book.


Co-authors, Marnie and Rena Schwartz, are the charismatic co-owners/artistic directors of ViBE Dance and Fitness Studio (, the co-researchers/inventors of the CARTWHIRLER™ Cartwheel Mat (, and the co-authors of The ViBE Confidence-Building Series For Kids, Ages 7 to 12. With extensive experience in the dance and entertainment industry, and as Vaughan's Accessibility Champion Award Recipients, 2021, Ontario-certified teachers, and engaging motivational speakers, their messages of respect, inclusion, leadership, confidence, perseverance, and optimism go a long way to helping you to build your brand and EMPOWER YOUR ViBE.

For more information or to connect with them, their contact information is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Check out their Linktree at:

Here's what some Advance Readers have to say about the book:


“I highly recommend the book, EMPOWER YOUR ViBE. I first met the authors, Marnie and Rena Schwartz, in the year 2000 when I wrote an article about them for the National Post called, Spot the Twins. They inspired me then and they continue to do that today! I am awed at their inclusive non-competitive ViBE dance school, their new researched invention, the CARTWHIRLER™ cartwheel mat, and their multiple writing projects, all going on at the same time! This book captures it all: their personal dramas and life and business challenges, their optimism and successes, and their concrete strategies and goals to help others! This is a must-read!!” —Rebecca Eckler, Author of multiple books as well as Founder of and RE:books Publishing House


"The best way to learn the value of personal branding is to see it in action — and in this case times two! That Marnie and Rena understand what it takes to identify 'your vibe' is great. The fact that they are doing it together is fascinating. In a world of faux-influencer brands big on sizzle but light on steak, it's wonderful to meet and learn from two such dynamic and authentic people. But watch out — their megawatt energy is liable to excite you to the point that you get off your butt and start doing all of this stuff for yourself — which is reason enough to get the book right there." —DP Knudten, Author of NONFICTION BRAND, Discover, craft and nbsp;communicate the ‘completely true/completely you’ brand you already are, and the engaging host of the NONFICTION BRAND podcast.

Exciting NEWS: 

My identical twin daughters and innovative entrepeneurs, Marnie and Rena Schwartz, have launched their non-fiction transformational self-help book on Amazon!

They dedicated their book to their late dad, Saul Schwartz, and to cancer research, and they shared their life and business story with openheartedness and vulnerability. As their "most influential role model," they also included my entire life story. 

I wrote the Foreword to their book and was their editor and coach, helping them to achieve their dreams of becoming authors. 

Here is their BIO:

Marnie and Rena Schwartz are:

  • Co-Owners/Artistic Directors of ViBE Dance and Fitness Studio in Thornhill, Ontario
  • Co-Researchers/Inventors of the CARTWHIRLER™ Cartwheel Mat and accessories (available on Amazon or at
  • Professional Dancers and Choreographers
  • Ontario-certified Teachers and Kinesiologists
  • Vaughan's Accessibility Champion Award Recipients, 2021
  • Co-Authors of THE ViBE CONFIDENCE-BUILDING SERIES FOR KIDS, Ages 7 to 12 (available on Amazon):
    • Book #2: I CAN CARTWHEEL
    • Book #3: FEEL THE ViBE at CAMP
    • Book #4: FEEL THE ViBE From A to Z
  • Co-Authors of EMPOWER YOUR ViBE, Igniting Your Passion, Purpose, and Brand to Unleash Your Unstoppable Best Self
  • Podcast guests and motivational speakers

Have you ever applied for a position that you really wanted and was unsuccessful? After many years of teaching in the elementary classroom, I went to five different interviews for an educational consultant leadership position with my school board, and I was sadly unsuccessful ALL five times. Although I felt that I was qualified and so ready to do the job, I was quite discouraged and disheartened by my absolute failure at the interview level. After my first interview, I was given feedback. “We knew you had a lot of knowledge and experience with Social Studies because we saw from your resume that you had written a Social Studies resource document at the board level, but you talked so much during the first question we asked you that we ran out of time and couldn’t even finish the interview.”
During my subsequent interviews, I still wasn’t able to focus my answers clearly or coherently, and afterwards, I realized how much more concise I could have been, and how much more useful information I could have shared, and I knew that I should have and could have organized my answers better to showcase my skills and accomplishments. It was at that time that a friend and colleague of mine coached me and said, “Susan, there is a specific way to answer questions when you are on the ‘hotseat’ – it will help you to organize your answers so that you really share your understandings, beliefs, and philosophy, your experiences, and your practical know-how in the role.”

Luckily, her coaching worked, and after my next interview for a consultant position, I was successful! I was elated! I attributed my success to my new knowledge about how to answer interview questions, as well as to my new-found confidence in responding. I appreciated my good friend sharing her strategies and taking the time to coach me for the interview process. (Thank you so much, Kim!!)

A few years later, after co-writing the 1st edition my book Retelling, Relating, Reflecting: Beyond the 3 R’s with Maxine Bone, I realized that our 3 R’s framework was similar to Kim’s coaching model and worked extremely well when addressing questions during an interview. (The 3 R's framework works well as a reading response strategy, as well as an assessment strategy, and in many other classroom and real-life situations.)
To clarify, when responding to any question when on the ‘hotseat’, you need to think about what issue or topic the question is asking about and then talk about your knowledge, understandings, and beliefs (RETELL); you need to make connections to your experiences from your resume – make your resume and experiences come alive (RELATE); and you need to step into the role (REFLECT) and talk as if you are there in that role, giving as many practical ideas as you can about the issue or topic. Once the 3 R’s framework is understood and internalized, working with a colleague to practice responding to questions that might be asked when on the ‘hotseat’ is clearly a good use of your time, and will help to calm your nerves and give you added confidence and competence during the interview process.

Dr. Susan Schwartz (author/mentor, writer/publisher, teacher educator/former principal) is offering coaching, mentoring, resume and cover letter editing, and MORE!

Build CONFIDENCE in your employment process with personalized support!

NOW is the time to take the right steps towards your future in the education system!

NOTE: The strategies shared can be adapted and useful for securing a position in any field.


  • You will gain greater confidence and skill during your application and interview process.
  • Your application package (cover letter, resume) will receive feedback and a thorough edit.
  • You will learn skills in mastering the interview process, such as learning to use a practical "framework for a dynamic interview", and understanding the difference between an okay and an exemplary full and dynamic answer while on the “hot seat
  • You will gain greater understanding about the occasional teaching role and ways to begin in a new classroom or school, whether in a face-to-face, online classroom, or combination of the two
  • Overall, you will learn invaluable lessons from one-on-one support, personalized feedback, practical strategies, and MORE!
Hello teachers & parents, Hope you are all managing during this challenging time. I’ve spent quite a bit of my time during my self-isolating on online learning/podcasts/courses, and I have delightfully discovered Jim Kwik, from I took Jim Kwik’s 30-Day Super Brain online program through Mind Valley, and bought his book “Limitless”, which I am thoroughly enjoying and is highlighted below, plus I took his 10-day Limitless course that goes along FREE with the purchase of his book (sooo amazing!), plus I’m in the middle of his SuperKwik Reading course and am learning some super useful and unique reading strategies!

Parents often read with their children at home and they often ask themselves, "How can I be helpful during this reading time? What should I be doing when my child is reading a book and they become stuck on a word or are reading word by word without maintaining any meaning? "How can home reading time be more effective?" In BOOK 4, Creating a Student-Centred Literacy Classroom (found on Amazon or on our website, we share a page entitled PAIRED READING GUIDE, which is a tool we have used many times to provide support for parents in reading with their children.  We have also used this PAIRED READING GUIDE as a tool with older students who were working with younger students during Reading Buddy time. It provides insight into what to do during this reading together time.  Additionally, we share some pages that help parents read with their younger and older children, as well as some activities they can do together at home.  We have included these pages below for your support, and hope they are useful. 

To follow up on my last blog post about writing and publishing activities that PARENTS can do with their children while they are not at school, here is another support for you. Hoping it will be useful in providing practical easy-to-use strategies for writing at home.  Check out these sample LINE MASTERS about student WRITING, which accompany our BOOK 4: Creating a Student-Centred Literacy Classroom (found on Amazon. Please feel free to download the PDF file below and use what is appropriate for your children.

During this challenging time of COVID-19, I have been self-isolating because of a lingering cold and wanting to do my part in protecting others. One of my daily home activities is to browse Facebook for anything informative or interesting. Over the past few days, since the school closing announcements, I have found myself forwarding posts about interesting activities that parents can do with their children during their lengthy stay-at-home no-school time. I see my friends and family subsequently liking and sharing my posts, and some have even emailed or texted me with a sincere thank you for the good ideas I have shared. 

This morning, I had an epiphany when I realized that there are a lot of dynamic and extremely valuable literacy activities that PARENTS can easily implement at home with their children – in our recently launched CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM, 4th Edition, 2020, which is a SERIES of 5 ebooks or paperbacks (on Amazon worldwide). Literacy information is mainly found in our BOOK 4: Creating a Student-Centred Literacy Classroom, while technology information is infused throughout the books but is focused in BOOK 2: Planning an Engaging, Dynamic and Inclusive Curriculum.

 *For more information, check out our website: 

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