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Have you ever applied for a position that you really wanted and was unsuccessful? After many years of teaching in the elementary classroom, I went to five different interviews for an educational consultant leadership position with my school board, and I was sadly unsuccessful ALL five times. Although I felt that I was qualified and so ready to do the job, I was quite discouraged and disheartened by my absolute failure at the interview level. After my first interview, I was given feedback. “We knew you had a lot of knowledge and experience with Social Studies because we saw from your resume that you had written a Social Studies resource document at the board level, but you talked so much during the first question we asked you that we ran out of time and couldn’t even finish the interview.”

Dr. Susan Schwartz (author/mentor, writer/publisher, teacher educator/former principal) is offering coaching, mentoring, resume and cover letter editing, and MORE!

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NOTE: The strategies shared can be adapted and useful for securing a position in any field.


  • You will gain greater confidence and skill during your application and interview process.
  • Your application package (cover letter, resume) will receive feedback and a thorough edit.
  • You will learn skills in mastering the interview process, such as learning to use a practical "framework for a dynamic interview", and understanding the difference between an okay and an exemplary full and dynamic answer while on the “hot seat
  • You will gain greater understanding about the occasional teaching role and ways to begin in a new classroom or school, whether in a face-to-face, online classroom, or combination of the two
  • Overall, you will learn invaluable lessons from one-on-one support, personalized feedback, practical strategies, and MORE!
Hello teachers & parents, Hope you are all managing during this challenging time. I’ve spent quite a bit of my time during my self-isolating on online learning/podcasts/courses, and I have delightfully discovered Jim Kwik, from I took Jim Kwik’s 30-Day Super Brain online program through Mind Valley, and bought his book “Limitless”, which I am thoroughly enjoying and is highlighted below, plus I took his 10-day Limitless course that goes along FREE with the purchase of his book (sooo amazing!), plus I’m in the middle of his SuperKwik Reading course and am learning some super useful and unique reading strategies!

Parents often read with their children at home and they often ask themselves, "How can I be helpful during this reading time? What should I be doing when my child is reading a book and they become stuck on a word or are reading word by word without maintaining any meaning? "How can home reading time be more effective?" In BOOK 4, Creating a Student-Centred Literacy Classroom (found on Amazon or on our website, we share a page entitled PAIRED READING GUIDE, which is a tool we have used many times to provide support for parents in reading with their children.  We have also used this PAIRED READING GUIDE as a tool with older students who were working with younger students during Reading Buddy time. It provides insight into what to do during this reading together time.  Additionally, we share some pages that help parents read with their younger and older children, as well as some activities they can do together at home.  We have included these pages here for your support, and hope they are useful. 
Please let us know by sending us an EMAIL. Stay well and have fun reading together! 

To follow up on my last blog post about writing and publishing activities that PARENTS can do with their children while they are not at school, here is another support for you. Hoping it will be useful in providing practical easy-to-use strategies for writing at home.  Check out these sample LINE MASTERS about student WRITING, which accompany our BOOK 4: Creating a Student-Centred Literacy Classroom (found on Amazon or on our website Please feel free to download the PDF file below and use what is appropriate for your children.

If you can, please send an EMAIL with your comments or questions. Stay safe, and have fun learning together!

During this challenging time of COVID-19, I have been self-isolating because of a lingering cold and wanting to do my part in protecting others. One of my daily home activities is to browse Facebook for anything informative or interesting. Over the past few days, since the school closing announcements, I have found myself forwarding posts about interesting activities that parents can do with their children during their lengthy stay-at-home no-school time. I see my friends and family subsequently liking and sharing my posts, and some have even emailed or texted me with a sincere thank you for the good ideas I have shared. 

This morning, I had an epiphany when I realized that there are a lot of dynamic and extremely valuable literacy activities that PARENTS can easily implement at home with their children – in our recently launched CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM, 4th Edition, 2020, which is a SERIES of 5 ebooks or paperbacks (on Amazon worldwide). Literacy information is mainly found in our BOOK 4: Creating a Student-Centred Literacy Classroom, while technology information is infused throughout the books but is focused in BOOK 2: Planning an Engaging, Dynamic and Inclusive Curriculum.

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This Facebook article posted on December 22, 2019, by Fino Denezes, states that learning about empathy has proven to make children in Denmark more emotionally and socially competent, reduces the incidents of bullying, and helps them be more successful as adults in their future.

From a title like the one here, what might you expect?  Upon reading the front cover page, we see a mom and daughter enjoying a picnic and nature together. Both seem so happy, but as you read further into this powerful and touching picture book, we see that the little girl on the cover is one of a family of three children and mom and dad. Mom seems to be the perfect mom, helping to wipe away 'tears' and 'fears', reading bedtime stories, teaching 'right from wrong', making ‘special treats to eat’, helping with friendships, ‘loyalty and kindness’, encouraging her children to ‘always try and do their very best’, and being a cheerleader at her children’s sports’ events, but then gradually day by day, the mom’s behavior starts to change in a ‘sad and strange’ way....

Are you wondering how our 4th edtion came to be? It has been an interesting and exciting learning journey! When Mindy and I secured our rights back (upon mutual agreement) from Pearson Canada this past November, 2019, we set about the task of revising our CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM as a 4th Edition. Since we had always worked with a big publishing company, we decided this time to go a different route and self-publish. We wanted to make our work very accessible in digital format and in print, to be more readily affordable to all teachers, as well as to reach a wider audience. We explored Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing and decided to redesign our work as a SERIES of 5 texts featuring the 5 Parts as in our 3rd Edition (2018). We agreed that each Part would become an individual ebook or paperback on and, and hopefully also worldwide.

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