Hello teachers & parents, Hope you are all managing during this challenging time. I’ve spent quite a bit of my time during my self-isolating on online learning/podcasts/courses, and I have delightfully discovered Jim Kwik, from www.JimKwik.com. I took Jim Kwik’s 30-Day Super Brain online program through Mind Valley, and bought his book “Limitless”, which I am thoroughly enjoying and is highlighted below, plus I took his 10-day Limitless course that goes along FREE with the purchase of his book (sooo amazing!), plus I’m in the middle of his SuperKwik Reading course and am learning some super useful and unique reading strategies!
I have already taught my twin daughters and four elementary-age grand-children some of the new reading strategies that I have learned in Jim’s reading course. They have also bought into Jim Kwik’s newest program for students and parents, and we are going to begin the course together soon on Zoom! I am so very very impressed with Jim Kwik because he has overcome his own learning problems to develop super effective strategies to motivate and help us remember, retain knowledge, learn how to learn, as well as read with more speed and comprehension. I am excited and am highly recommending his work!! Here is a message from Jim, posted on Facebook and on his website:

We live in a fast-changing and uncertain world. But we often forget that we ALL have the most powerful tool between our ears. Your brain is the greatest asset you have when you know how to utilize it to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Why did I write a book?  "I'm so stupid."   "I don't understand."   "I'm too dumb to learn."

These were my mantras growing up. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't tell myself that I was slow and that I would never learn to read, much less amount to anything later in life. If a pill had existed that could supercharge my brain and make me limitless in one swallow (as seen in the 2011 movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper), I would have given anything to take it.

In the book, you'll come to understand how someone like me--the kid whom my teachers referred to as "the boy with the broken brain"--could turn my life around completely and how you can do the same. If you don't have your copy, then get yours today! When you purchase Limitless, you also get instant access to my 10-day Kwik Start to Your Limitless Brain program (this week only) along with a complimentary 4-week book club access and TWO bonus chapters not included in the book. Coincidently, today is also #nationalsuperheroday! Be a hero by sharing this book with someone who needs it. Limitless will help them cast off their perceived limitations and master the mindset, motivation, and learning methods to unleash their limitless powers! It makes a great gift for anyone…. Thank you again for making this day possible, and I look forward to sharing more valuable and useful tips to help you boost your brain fitness and performance. With love & learning, Jim Kwik