A very good read for any aspiring or current teacher

Reviewed on Amazon in Canada on November 13, 2022 

I can’t speak highly enough about this series. I’m an aspiring teacher and picked up the first book in the series called “Creating an Inclusive Classroom Atmosphere”. The book was really easy to understand, and had tons of practical exercises and examples that would benefit any teacher. There was even a link to free online resources, such as Word document templates and PowerPoint presentation files that can be modified to meet the needs of the classroom that you’re in. I like that the book was supported by tons of references so you know that it’s grounded in actual evidence-based sources. Oh, and the price can’t be beat at around $15 per book including taxes, super reasonable!I immediately purchased the rest of Books 2 to 5 in the series and was not disappointed. At a glance:

  • Book # 1 will give you the overview of classroom management, the underpinnings of effective teaching, etc.
  • Book # 2 is the planning information which helps you engage kids in a dynamic way
  • Book # 3 is the important assessment and evaluation information
  • Book # 4 is the literacy pieces that you will want to be aware of
  • Book # 5 contains the 3 R’s framework for mastering the interview process

I now have the complete set and I know that I will be referencing back to these for a long time. In particular, Book 5 has a lot of resources on the application and interview process for an interview with a school board which I know I will be very useful when the time comes.
~ Bruno, Aspiring Teacher

Great resource!

Reviewed on Amazon in Canada on August 10, 2021

As a seasoned teacher switching cities, I needed to brush up on what's needed for an effective application and a well-prepared interview. This book provides lots of up-to-date guidance and tips that are proving to be very effective. A very useful resource worth consulting!
~ Simon, Occasional Teacher

"In July 2017, I was promoted to Vice-Principal. My first placement was at an elementary school in the Toronto District School Board, which, coincidentally is the school where Dr. Susan Schwartz herself was once the Vice-Principal in her first administrator role. I feel intense gratitude towards Dr. Schwartz for her friendship and  mentorship during my interview process. While this multi-layered process felt overwhelming at times, Dr. Schwartz’s unwavering support, uncompromising honesty, and effective coaching were instrumental to my success throughout this process. More importantly, Dr. Schwartz prepared me for the interviews using the 3 R’s framework from her book CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM. Thank you Dr. Schwartz for your ongoing mentorship and for including the 3 Rs’ framework in your newest edition of your practical resource. It is an invaluable support for new and experienced teachers, and for anyone contemplating interviewing for teaching and leadership opportunities." 
~ Emmanuel, M.Ed., Vice-Principal, Toronto District School Board

“What a thrill it was to open my mail and find your new resource. It is absolutely gorgeous – and way more than an update! It is page after page of wonderful ideas for every aspect of classroom programming. I literally could not put it down. You've done an outstanding job of meshing theory and practice and incorporated virtually everything both beginning and experienced teachers need to create an effective learning environment. Teachers, administrators, and teacher-educators will love it, I'm sure. Congratulations to both of you. I know how hard you worked to complete this project, but it's obvious that it was a labour of love. I wish you every success.”
~ Gillda, Former District-wide Coordinator, Literacy, Toronto District School Board

"I wanted to let you know how something you taught us last year is quickly becoming my saving grace. During our practicums, we were required to complete the classroom routines and procedures worksheet. At the time, I was not fully aware of how important this sheet would become until now. Every day (as an occasional teacher) I find myself in a different school, in a different classroom. I cannot tell you how much I wished that EVERY teacher complete this form. I am constantly trying to determine what the classroom routines are for simple things like lunch time dismissal and going to the library, etc. Some schools do have similar sheets, but most do not. I have recommended to several teachers that they leave something to assist supply/substitute teachers. I now know, when I have my own classroom, that completing this worksheet is going to be one of the first things that I do. If only every teacher had a copy of CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM."    
~ Lindy, Graduate, Bachelor of Education Program, OISE, University of Toronto

“I really like that this resource is written in such easy to understand language, and is not convoluted with too much educational jargon; strange as it sounds for an educator’s resource, it makes it a first choice for a straight answer to a specific question. I like the way it is divided up into very clear chapters that concentrate on specific areas of need for a new teacher.”  

~ Megan, Teacher, Toronto District School Board

"CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM is one of the most practicals resources I have come across as a classroom teacher. Each chapter has very practical applications to infuse into your classroom teaching. You can flip to any topic you want to look into and you will always leave with incredible ideas to infuse into your classroom to make it 'buzz' with meaningful learning and experiences."

~ Rebeka, Primary/Junior Graduate, Master of Teaching Program, Classroom Teacher

"I've been searching everywhere and asking many people about a template to use to plan my lessons for my unit plan. To my delight, I found the perfect one in your CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM resource. It's brilliant. Thanks for making my life easier!"  

~ Rosemary, Graduate of the Bachelor of Education Program, OISE, University of Toronto

“Overall, this resource is great and has been a great guide for me. I often refer to it, even after teaching for a few years. I often read it to get back into teaching after each summer. It truly has been a support for my teaching. This book has really been my security blanket going into my first year of teaching but has continued to help me throughout the years.”  

~ Shannon, Teacher, York Region District School Board

"At the moment, I am enjoying the Primary Basic AQ. This course is like a review of your teachings on literacy, learning centres, etc. We even did a field trip assignment and I used your fantastic letter of permission template from CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM. We also have to do portfolios, so it is a smooth transition for me ... I bumped into someone you know recently at a surprise party and he said 'Mindy is a visionary!' Indeed!"

 ~ Andrew, Graduate, Bachelor of Education Program, OISE, University of Toronto 

“Your work CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM was a fantastic resource for my interview. It really is a resource that every teacher should have as it is very easy to follow and provides an excellent overview and all the 'must knows' about teaching in detail. This was worth every penny. I sincerely thank you again,”  
~ Yaejin, Graduate, Master of Teaching Program, OISE, University of Toronto

“I really like that everything (on the website) is available in Word! I can definitely see myself referring to this website often. Fantastic idea!” 
~ Corrina, Graduate, Bachelor of Education Program, OISE, University of Toronto

“I was very excited to receive my access code to my favorite work, CREATING THE DYNAMIC CLASSROOM today, and I downloaded the excellent Line Master documents. Thank you so much for creating a treasure of efficient documents and for sharing it with all teachers. I understand the significance and vitality of these documents, especially after getting involved in planning and teaching during my practicum placements”  
~ Afarin, Graduate (Junior/Intermediate), Master of Teaching Program, OISE, University of Toronto